What Will The Refi Platform Do In 2021 ?

This annual roadmap is expected to provide a regulatory framework and help the public get an overview of the refi platform planning and have the opportunity to work with us. Specifically, the roadmap and strategy for the Refi platform contains 12 quarters where each quarter contains the progress that our team will make.

Q1 2021

} Platform created

} Recruiting a team of experts

} Develop an official website

} Create an official social media

Q2 2021

} Inauguration of the Refi platform

} Launch the Airdrop & bounty program

} Build of the refi community

Q3 2021

} Refi Token Created

} Instant Airdrop self-drop system launch

} ICO pre-sale 1st round opened

} ICO pre-sale 2rd round opened

Q4 2021

} List Refi Token on a Top 10 Spot Exchange

} First airdrop & bounty distribution

} VIP card distribution (NFT)

} Buyback program 1

Q5 2021

} List Refi Token on 3 more exchangese

} List Refi Token on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap

} Buyback program 2

Q6 2021

} Official website updated

} Include Refi Tokens on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap

} Deploy External Rewards Staking Smart Contract

} Buyback program 3

Q7 2021

} Refi Swap Testnet opened

} Staking and farming testnet opened

} Buyback program 4

Q8 2021

} Refi Browser app testnet Launch

} Refi Ads launch

} Buyback program 5

Q9 2021

} Refi wallet app realized

} Enable Features of Refi VIP CARD (NFT)

} 1st AirDrop for Refi VIP CARD holders

} Buyback program 6

Q10 2021

} Refi Survey Launch

} Buyback program 7

Q11 2021

} Refi patnership program

} Refi Trading competitions

} Buyback program 8

Q12 2021

} Refi games launch

} Refi Store Realized

} Buyback program 9

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