Get to know Refi, the New Trend of the Blockchain Community and Financial Industry

Refi comes with various mainstay features that will be developed in it, usually some blockchain projects run only a few on it, but you can find all of them on the Refi platform.

A. Refi monthly Buyback program

Monthly Buyback program is the process of stabilizing the price and amount of Refi Token in circulation, this makes each asset valuable and has the potential for economic growth for investors. Buyback program show investors that the business has sufficient cash capital for emergencies and possible economic problems. Another reason to buy back an asset is for compensation purposes. The company rewards investors and management with prizes and options in the form of Refi Token , The Refi platform will carry out a buyback once a month on listed exchanges later, this is a guarantee for early holders and investors

B. Refi Swap

Refi swap is a protocol that allows buyers and sellers to exchange their Bep20 tokens, Refi Tokens are a means of payment in this protocol later. Refiswap will be here to provide solutions to liquidity problems that exist in other ordinary exchange exchanges. The Refi platform provides automatic liquidity provision and the liquidity is no longer dependent on buyer and seller mechanisms. Refiswap makes it easy to access the crypto market. Everyone can access without having to register and log into the market, only by connecting their personal wallet so they can immediately do crypto trading activities. Other advantages also include aspects such as new tokens that can directly access liquidity by adding their tokens to the exchange with Refiswap Smartcontract In addition, another advantage is that liquidity providers get the benefit by simply putting their funds into the liquidity pool and get a profit with a low risk,

C. Refi Farm

Refi farm is the practice of staking or locking cryptocurrency in Decentralized finance to get Rewards. Although this feature of obtaining returns on investment is not new, the concept of Refi farm as a whole has emerged from the decentralized financial sector. Generally it is that an individual staking can earn tokens in return for their participation in the DeFi application. Refi farming can also be called liquidity mining.

D. Refi Stake

Staking is the process of actively participating in the validation of transactions (similar to mining) on ​​a blockchain with a Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism, anyone with the minimum balance required to stake a particular cryptocurrency can also validate transactions on the blockchain and get rewarded for this process.

Your assets will be stored in a system that allows the staking process for a certain period of time and during the storage process you can get profits for a certain period of time. The staking process rewards you, because you have staked a number of assets in the network and play a role in network resilience. The ease of staking is almost similar to a deposit, where you deposit a nominal amount of money, ask the bank to manage it and you will get interest. The locked crypto assets or currency will contribute to harmonizing all the wishes of the stakeholders. In short, if enough entities have digital assets at stake in a network, they all have a vested interest in keeping the network running and growing.

E. Refi VIP Card (NFT)

Revi VIP card is a special facility in the form of NFT that will be provided only to initial investors who participate in an ICO of at least 1 BSC, where the ICO event is held with a self-drop system that is so transparent and participating investor data will be decentralized in smartcontract, investors who hold this VIP card will get various benefits when the Refi platform forgives new events such as claiming airdrop tokens and others

F. Refi Web Browser

Refi Web Browser develops a privacy-based advertising platform that allows its users to get a share of advertising revenue when they surf the Internet using an internet browser, The Refi ADS platform is a new path to a better Internet, where users can surf the web, earn rewards and support their favorite content creators while maintaining their privacy. Refi Web Browser also provides brands hands-on opportunities to highlight offerings and engage with users as they browse the web. When Refi ads are enabled, brand owners know for sure that their campaigns are running with Refi Web Browser, and that their ads are seen by the people who want them.

G. Refi Ads

Like other advertising services, Refi Ads is one of the features that can make users place advertisements on the Refi platform. Refi Ads are advertising services provided by the Refi Platform so that you can display your product / service campaigns on the Refi Web Browser homepage. The goal is of course to increase sales of your product / service or your business income.

H. Refi Wallet

ReFi Dapps Wallet is a multi-chain wallet that will be available on IOS and ANDROID with various features that can be used by developers to allow you to interact with web 3.0. Web 3.0 is the third generation internet where the interaction between users and the internet is different from Web 2.0. Web 3.0 applications mostly refer to decentralized applications (dApps) and are often supported by blockchain, peer-to-peer networks such as Ethereum or the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

I. Refi Surveys

is a type of survey where the participant member is given a reward for his services after completing the survey, the participant will be included in the Refi Token raffle or prize program, The survey will be sent via email or the official Refi Wallet app. This survey aims to find out the interest and to strengthen the Refi community,

J. Refi Games

The presence of the Decentralized App (DAPP) gives a lot of new hope to the Game industry, as we already know in the Game industry today, the majority of games currently circulating are online games with a centralized system, this centralized system means that all data both logins and passwords are stored on the server. and controlled by the administrator or owner of the game (items, logins, passwords, and virtual money are all regulated by the game administrator), but different from the Blockchain Game and Dapp concept, there is no data stored and controlled by the administrator or game owner / manager. In this Refi Games you can play for fun and generate Refi Tokens using a decentralized game using a system that is so transparent and with many interesting game options.

K. Refi Store

The Refi Store is a project that will be provided by the Refi platform where the Refi Store will provide a place to trade various game items contained in Refi Games in the form of NFT that are only issued by the refi platform, as well as users can access the Refi VIP Card and even to exchange it for Refi tokens or BSC tokens

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