Check out the liquidity wallet here:


🎉 Liquidity will be launch 48 hours after REFI tokens listed on the exchange (listing news will be available soon)

🎉 For all investors who have participated in the presale event, they will get a VIP CARD (NFT) with the following steps:

❇️ To get VIP Card (NFT) we will record a snapshot after the Liquidity pool is launch at pancakeswap

❇️ VIP Card (NFT) ratio is 10k REFI…

PRESALE ROUND 1 GET REFI TOKEN INSTANTLY WITH 100% BONUS 🔥🔥🔥 ===================================
Selfdrop period:
Round 1: 10 Days with 100% Bonus
Round 2: _with 50% Bonus
Round 3: _without Bonus

1 BSC: 5000 $REFI
Total supply: 100 M $REFI
Selfdrop ammount: 35 M $REFI
Softcap: 1000 BNB
Hardcap: 3500 BNB
Explorer: Bscscan.com
REFI smart contract: 0x641a6dc991a49f7be9fe3c72c5d0fbb223edb12f

❇️ contributions minimum is 0.05 BSC To REFI smartcontract

❇️ Contributions morethan 1 BSC To REFI smartcontract Get 100% Bonus automatically + VIP CARD (NFT)

💳 The total supply of VIP cards is only 3500 NFTs, which is adjusted to the hardcap ammount.

Share and win , Total prize Is 100 $BSC & 1000000 $REFI


How do I participate in the bounty program ?

make a post or make a promotional video about Refi airdrop on your telegram or YouTube channel with the following requirements:


1. Minimum 10k subscribers for youtube channel & 1k likes on your video, minimum 3 minutes per video

2. Minimum subscribers of 50k for telegram channels with more than 30k viewers

3. Fill your email in your Airdrop content and not less than 500 referrals collected

4. All bounty hunters will get a minimum of 1…

Get $10 REFI token Airdrop +$10 Token Referral Rewards

Get $10 Refi Token Airdrop By Completing Tasks And Invite Your Friends To Get Extra $10 Refi Token For Each Referral
How To Participate In Realfinance Airdrop ?

  1. Join, turn on notifications and pinned the official announcement our telegram channel https://t.me/refi_network
  2. Join our telegram community https://t.me/refinetwork
  3. Follow our official twitter, retweet pinned post, like and tag 3 friends https://twitter.com/refi_network
  4. Follow us on medium https://refi-network.medium.com
  5. Subscribe to the official our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzc28Jfen5ScSSBXZPJVyZw

    Fill up the form and submit your details

>>> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfX_9sOrJRGP94BsyRLyUP2-YrLVLWA3qT8mzSdZZranegZxQ/viewform

Airdrop period: 17th of February - 4th of March, 2021

This annual roadmap is expected to provide a regulatory framework and help the public get an overview of the refi platform planning and have the opportunity to work with us. Specifically, the roadmap and strategy for the Refi platform contains 12 quarters where each quarter contains the progress that our team will make.

Q1 2021

} Platform created

} Recruiting a team of experts

} Develop an official website

} Create an official social media

Q2 2021

} Inauguration of the Refi platform

} Launch the Airdrop & bounty program

} Build of the refi community

Q3 2021

} Refi…

The VIP card on the refi platform is a digital card in the form of an NFT,
NFTs are digital assets that represent a unique range of tangible and intangible items, from collectable sports cards to virtual real estate and even digital sneakers. each NFT contains distinguishing information that makes it different from other NFTs and is easy to verify. This makes the manufacture and circulation of counterfeit collectibles useless as each item can be traced back to the original publisher. Unlike ordinary cryptocurrencies, NFTs are not directly interchangeable with one another. This is because no two NFTs are identical —…

Refi comes with various mainstay features that will be developed in it, usually some blockchain projects run only a few on it, but you can find all of them on the Refi platform.

A. Refi monthly Buyback program

Monthly Buyback program is the process of stabilizing the price and amount of Refi Token in circulation, this makes each asset valuable and has the potential for economic growth for investors. Buyback program show investors that the business has sufficient cash capital for emergencies and possible economic problems. Another reason to buy back an asset is for compensation purposes. …

Refi is an investment network platform and financial services, that will fix the shortcomings of the cefi and defi platforms in general, the Refi platform offers many advantages that will be very useful in real life, there will be many advantages that you can take when joining the Refi investment network platform,

Refi expanded opportunities by decentralizing lending and lending processes, leading to better security, accountability and transparency of the financial system. With an open loan protocol similar to traditional financial institutions, users can save their money and when someone borrows money from digital assets, The use of intermediaries is…

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